Innovation in Research using Artificial Intelligence for humanitarian development


To develop Artificial Intelligent controller based advance control algorithm for solving Engineering Problems in industry and education sector, promote Educational Services for improving learners’ technical skills towards hand on training and encourage to develop innovative products and new ideas.

About PIRC

The PIRC is a research institution for provide support to solve various Engineering problems using Artificial Intelligent controller and other advanced controllers. The PIRC has well experienced and knowledgeable expert members in various Engineering domains. PIRC support to develop research-based simulation models for industry and Education purpose by using different simulation tools.  PIRC continually support Education services for institutions for organizing International Conference / Workshop / Hand on Training/ Certificate courses / Value added Courses. PIRC support to the Research Scholar for identifying research problems, Literature Survey, develop Simulation and Hardware models, assist Journal publications, Document preparation etc.

Simulation Tools used

  • ETAP,
  • PV*SOL,
  • Python
  • Porteous
  • Arduino
  • PowerWorld

Research Areas

  • Power System
  • Power Electronics
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Image & Video Processing using AI
  • Python for Engineering Applications
  • Artificial Intelligent Controller for Engineering Applications
  • Artificial Intelligent Controller based Medical Applications
  • Electrical Drives
  • Electrical Vehicle & Battery Management System
  • Smart Cities

Power Innovative Research Consultancy